332 Series Male PEX Fitting
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332 Series Male PEX Fitting

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Product Description

1  332 Series Male PEX Fitting

332 Male PEX Fitting is used to connect to the female threaded outlet of a piping system. And the barbed end of 332 Male PEX Fitting is for connecting to Hose

2  Product Parameter Display

Product Name  332 Series Male PEX Fitting
332-1/4"-6.5mm 1/4"×1/4"(6.5mm)
332-1/4"-8.0mm 1/4"×5/16"(8.0mm)
332-1/4"-10.0mm 1/4"×3/8"(10.0mm)
332-1/4"-13.0mm 1/4"×1/2"(13.0mm)
332-3/8"-6.5mm 3/8"×1/4"(6.5mm)
332-3/8"-8.0mm 3/8"×5/16"(8.0mm)
332-3/8"-10.0mm 3/8"×3/8"(10.0mm)
332-3/8"-13.0mm 3/8"×1/2"(13.0mm)
332-3/8"-16.0mm 3/8"×5/8"(16.0mm)
332-1/2"-6.5mm 1/2"×1/4"(6.5mm)
332-1/2"-8.0mm 1/2"×5/16"(8.0mm)
332-1/2"-10.0mm 1/2"×3/8"(10.0mm)
332-1/2"-13.0mm 1/2"×1/2"(13.0mm)
332-1/2"-16.0mm 1/2"×5/8"(16.0mm)
332-1/2"-20.0mm 1/2"×3/4"(20.0mm)
332-3/4"-8.0mm 3/4"×5/16"(8.0mm)
332-3/4"-10.0mm 3/4"×3/8"(10.0mm)
332-3/4"-13.0mm 3/4"×1/2"(13.0mm)
332-3/4"-16.0mm 3/4"×5/8"(16.0mm)
332-3/4"-20.0mm 3/4"×3/4"(20.0mm)
332-3/4"-25.0mm 3/4"×1"(25.0mm)
332-1"-13.0mm 1"×1/2"(13.0mm)
332-1"-16.0mm 1"×5/8"(16.0mm)
332-1"-20.0mm 1"×3/4"(20.0mm)
332-1"-25.0mm 1"×1"(25.0mm)
Material   DZR Brass
Product size   1/4”- 6mm~13mm, 3/8” – 6mm~16mm, 1/2" – 6mm~20mm
3/4"- 8mm~20mm, 1”-13mm~25mm
Certificate    BSEN 1254
Color      Yellow, Silver (Galvanized: Chrome or Nickel Plated)
Application   For connecting Copper, Stainless Steel Pipes

3  Product Details Display

332 Series Male PEX Fitting

Technical Points:

1. Body: Brass by Hot Forging

2. Ring: Copper and Brass

3. Nut: Brass by hot forging

4. Manufactured according to BSEN 1254

5. Fastening threads according to ISO 228

4  Factory Advantage

1. 20 years’ experience in manufacturing of Brass Fitting, Professional that can provide good quality products at competitive prices.

2. Able to provide OEM Services.

3. On time delivery on agreed timeline

4. High Quality Customer Services.

5. Flexible Payment (T/T, Cheque, Cash)

6. BSEN 1254 certified

5  Packaging And Delivery And Payment Terms

Sale Unit:


Box Information(Package):

Box Dimension:H:18.7, W: 27.7, L: 33cm

Estimated Arrival for Products:

Depend on the Volume Ordered

Payment Term:

30%Deposit before Manufacture,70% Payment before delivery start 

6  FAQ

1. How long has FJ been around and why should I use you?

We are manufacturer for Brass Fitting for more than 20 years, and our products is tested and certified BSEN1254 and have been used by contractors for Singapore housing project. We are committed to giving our customer the highest quality products at a very competitive price! Contact us at [email protected] for more details!


2.  What is the MOQ?

Minimum order is 1 pallet (48 boxes), But sample order is available (up to 1 boxes, Courier fee is charge to buyer).


3. Are you a Trading or Manufacturing Company ?

We are Manufacturer and not trading company, hence you can expect best pricing with the highest quality product.


4. How do I request for a quote?

You can request a quotation by contacting us via e-mail [email protected] or via phone number (Within China+86 760 22250110 or International Customer can contact us via Whatsapp or Wechat at+65 9061 0642).


5. Can I get a discount for Bulk Ordering?

We will consider giving better pricing for Bulk Ordering, at the discretion of our management.


6. Where should I go to if there is any inquiry or feedback?

You may contact [email protected]  we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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