Braze Fitting

Braze Fitting for copper pipes to satisfy your needs in installations of copper pipe with capillary soldering. An assortment of threading - soldering accessories for copper pipe connection, including Elbows, Tees, Couplings, Crosses etc.

The end of the Braze Fitting for soldering is for metric tubing (in millimetres). In soldering - thread accessories the thread is according to ISO 228. Mention again the convenience to use a sealant on the thread connection, such as hemp fibre or another such as Teflon or similar.

Braze Fitting presents the references ordered by their size denominated in inches or fractions of an inch for the threaded end, and in millimetres for the soldering ends in reference to the diameter of the copper tube. They can be used in applications such as the supply of water, in the distribution of sanitary water, in radiator heating installations and for the conveyance of other fluids compatible with copper pipe.

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Zhongshan Ming Xiang Jie Metal Products Co.,Ltd. is a professional Chinese manufacturer and supplier of Braze Fitting. Welcome wholesale Braze Fitting to our factory, We can also cheap high quality customized Braze Fitting according to your requirements and serve you wholeheartedly.
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