PEX Fittings

PEX Fittings hose connection fittings have ends threaded and hose connector. Thread ends are made according to ISO 228. Mention, as in other occasions, that for a correct seal of the threaded joint Teflon, hemp fibre or other sealant should be used.

PEX Fittings are denominated in inches or fractions of an inch of the threaded connection, combined with the size designation of the hose (inside diameter measurement) for the hose type connectors.

Thanks to the use of brass in the fabrication of this fittings, with their qualities of robustness and corrosion resistance, and also an excellent manufacturing guarantees high durability to sun and water effects and excellent capacity for regular use. An ideal solution for garden and irrigation for both the amateur and the professional.

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Zhongshan Ming Xiang Jie Metal Products Co.,Ltd. is a professional Chinese manufacturer and supplier of PEX Fittings. Welcome wholesale PEX Fittings to our factory, We can also cheap high quality customized PEX Fittings according to your requirements and serve you wholeheartedly.
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