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Manufacturing process of PEX Fittings


PEX fittings are typically made from copper, brass or plastic, and they are manufactured in several different ways:

Copper Pressing: Using special tools and pressure, PEX pipe is placed on copper fittings and connected through mechanical extrusion.

Compression joint (Compression): Install a compression ring (called a sleeve) at the end of the PEX pipe. When we plug one end into the joint, we use a nut to plug the other end into the PEX adjuster to compact the sleeve. with its surrounding pipe wall.

Crimping: This method requires some special tools. Press a metal ring (or strain ring) between the PEX pipe and the fitting, then use a special tool to compress the metal ring between the ends until a strong, tight connection is formed.

Clamp Joint (Barb): This type of PEX connection does not require any special tools. The ends of the PEX pipe are expanded and passed through a metal rack-type connector. When the end of the PEX pipe springs back, it forms a tight seal with the joint.

The above four methods are all widely used in PEX piping systems. Which method to choose depends on many factors, such as budget constraints, piping project complexity and available tools.

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