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What are the benefits of using brass fittings?

Excellent forgeability: Brass has excellent forgeability. This means that compared to steel or iron pipes, the material has good flexibility and can be easily adjusted/twisted. This material is easier to shape than other materials. Although brass is extremely malleable, it still maintains its reliability and durability.
Extreme durability: Due to its various working characteristics, brass is a very durable material. If you are looking for fittings that can consistently provide performance for many years to come, brass tube fittings are your best choice. In addition, these brass fittings can also provide the best performance in supply lines containing boiling water.
Excellent versatility: Brass pipe fittings are available in various shapes, sizes and widths. This makes them very versatile and suitable for all kinds of pipes in the piping system. Whether it is a project with strict specifications or a water pipe in the home-brass fittings can provide high performance.
High corrosion resistance: Metal joints may be severely worn due to corrosion and rust. Brass is known to have excellent corrosion resistance, which makes it an ideal choice for pipe fittings. The non-corrosive nature of brass fittings is the reason they are preferred in areas with highly corrosive water.
High temperature resistance: Brass has a good conductive temperature. Compared with other materials, it has the ability to withstand higher temperatures. This makes it an ideal choice for hot water distribution systems.
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