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How to Link Tee Pipes

When we install tee pipes, we often need to use elbows, tee, etc. to connect the pipe fittings together, so how to connect the tee?

1. Flange connection: We install flanges at the three interfaces of the tee, and then install the flanges at the three pipe connection ports. Then the flange of the pipeline is aligned with the flange at the tee interface, and a gasket is placed between the two flanges to seal. Finally we bolted the two flanges together. In this way, you connect the other two pipe fittings and the other two interfaces of the tee together.

2. Socket connection: Before connecting the tee and the pipe, we can clean up the dirt on the pipe and the socket of the tee. Generally, the tee has two sockets and one socket, and the pipeline has one socket and one socket. Then fix the rubber ring on the socket of the tee and the pipe, and apply lubricant on the socket of the tee, the pipe and the rubber ring. Finally, we insert the socket into the socket and connect the tee to the pipe.
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