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What should hardware CNC processing factory pay attention to? Honghai hardware machining factory experience

Enterprises have entered the era of low profit. How to increase costs, but reduce product prices to increase profits? To improve production efficiency and save costs is a new task before us. For example, cost saving, how to save money, what methods to save money, how to improve production efficiency, how to improve production efficiency?

Seeing these words, in fact, everyone knows that there are too many modern competitions. The competition in all aspects is not only the price of products, the quality of products, but also the credit of the company, but also the strength of the company, which are different, not on the other hand.

From my point of view, in fact, these problems can be solved in many improvements, from the organizational structure, the use of people, the use of new technology, construction and other aspects to solve the problems of packaging companies. The problem of a hardware processing factory is the same as that of the boss. Maybe many companies have the same problem. They can improve the hardware factory through various ways, so as to get their profits out of the dilemma.

For these problems, combined with the actual method, take the hardware factory as an example to see how I solved them:

1. Hardware processing factory is generally composed of mold department, manufacturing department, surface treatment department, general assembly department or group of the State Council and some management departments (personnel, business, finance, information, sales, etc.). Mold department and manufacturing department are the key departments in these fields (generally mold department is in the technical center, which is mainly responsible for editing and mold design and other related product technical issues). Why are they the key departments? Because they use the cost occupied is one of the largest costs, almost 70% - 70% of the product cost, so how to control the cost technology while controlling the staff's The meaning of salary is not very great, and the salary of employees is given according to the local level, not given. Therefore, for a small company, the salary of employees is more than 150 per month, and only 75000 according to 500 people. 75000 is only a set of mold cost, so to improve profits must be obtained from technology.

2. One is the sample. The manufacturing cycle length of the product is also a key point. The shorter the sample cycle, the better the company's strength will be reflected. The easier it is for customers to order and make money. However, the production cycle of samples or products is composed of various departments and cannot be solved by one department. Therefore, each department should cooperate with each other to shorten the production cycle. The production cycle is directly related to the mold production cycle, even the mold production time accounts for more than 60% of the whole sample production time, so controlling the mold time is also a big strategy to reduce the cost.

These problems can be summarized as: mold quality, department cooperation, company strength, product quality, production time of factory products. How to solve these problems? This is my analysis: 1. Mold quality problems. Mold is good or bad, so the company needs to introduce new technology to improve the problem, in order to achieve the success of mold and reduce costs. Hardware factory, the factory is the casting and cold stamping die forming method, so I can introduce the die flow software to analyze the rationality of the die design, whether there is the problem of defective products, modify the defects through calculation and analysis, and finally achieve the goal of successful testing, so as to greatly reduce the cost of die maintenance and shorten the debugging and production cycle of the die. The problem of mould is solved and the cost is reduced by 70% - 85%. 2. Department cooperation is generally the problem of cooperation between the technology department and the manufacturing department. If it is not appropriate, the problem is eliminated between the two departments, so it is difficult to make samples, so as to increase the production cycle and cost. Cause of action
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