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Small and exquisite hardware tools for large factories

In different types of industrial production, the production of small materials is very difficult. If you don't pay attention to it, it will cause waste of materials and even work stagnation. For example, in the production process of notebook computers, there are many small components, some screws are only 3-4mm in diameter, easy to fall, which will directly affect the progress of work. People began to think about whether any machine could directly avoid these problems.

It is under such an opportunity that the fully automatic screw machine of hardware tools has entered the vision of consumers. The operation is simple, convenient and quick. Just put the screws into the bin, and each screw has been arranged in order at the reclaiming port. After the first screw is removed, the back screw will come out automatically, which directly improves the working efficiency. In terms of performance, in order to be applicable to many types of screws, an adjustable track of 1mm-5mm is provided, and the length of the screw can reach 20mm. As a part of mechanical products, the screw machine has a huge capacity to hold nearly 500 screws with a diameter of 1mm, and the smoothness is also one of the concerns of consumers. For this reason, Fuma automatic screw machine, a hardware tool, is specially equipped with a brush with adjustable height to remove stacking interference. At the beginning of the device design, it is for better collaborative work. Therefore, in order to facilitate the reclaiming process, the hardware tool Fuma full-automatic screw machine is equipped with a high-precision V-shaped reclaiming port. The screw is stably placed in the reclaiming port, which can realize the process of directly using the electric screwdriver to take the screw without staring at the machine. In order to improve the service life of the machine, an integrated wheel is used in the selection of the runner to prevent the blade from breaking. In addition, the hardware tool Fuma automatic screw machine also introduces foreign high-tech to ensure the stability of machine performance.

As an enterprise, improving production efficiency can increase its own profits, increase its market share and make it in a favorable position in the market. When the product quality is almost the same, production efficiency has become one of its important development elements. However, these seemingly inconspicuous small devices have made great contributions to the improvement of work efficiency.
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