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​Application of Copper Pipes


Application of Copper Pipes

Most of the copper tubes and brass tubes are used in the manufacture of heat exchange equipment, and are also commonly used in cryogenic installations and chemical pipelines. The instrument's pressure measurement pipeline or pressure liquid pipeline is also commonly used. When the temperature is greater than 250 ℃, it is not suitable for use under pressure.

Extruded aluminum bronze pipes are made of bronzes of the QAI10-3-1, 5 and QAI10-4-4 grades, and are used in the machinery and aerospace industries to manufacture wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and high-strength pipe fittings.

The tin bronze pipe system is made of QSn4-0.3 and other brands of tin bronze. It is suitable for the manufacture of spring tubes and wear-resistant fittings for pressure gauges.

2.1.4 The quality of copper pipes: The steel pipes and copper alloy pipes for installation should be smooth and clean on the surface and inner wall, without any defects, cracks, scars, tail cracks or air holes. The brass tube shall be free of green rust and severe dezincification.

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