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What is brass? Is it like gold?



What is brass? Is it like gold?
That's right, it's like that. Brass's exact name is copper-zinc alloy. The encyclopedia describes him as "because it is very similar to gold, illegal traders use it to make huge profits." So let alone an old lady, most people have a hard time distinguishing between brass and gold.
Of course, if it is not falsified, brass is indeed a very good jewelry material, and there are many brass jewelry on the market, such as brass rings, brass bracelets, brass ornaments and so on.
But the appearance of brass is the same as gold, but it is copper after all. It is not as stable as gold. If it is worn for a long time or it is not usually noticed, the surface will be oxidized and corroded, and it becomes gray-black, which is very ugly.
The brass becomes black after being oxidized. What should we do then? Of course, copper polishing is required. There are actually several copper polishing processes in the industry, mainly divided into physical polishing and chemical polishing. Physical polishing is to make the brass bright again through physical polishing, and chemical polishing is to use chemical reagent polishing, such as copper polishing agent.
In terms of effect and convenience, chemical polishing is much better than physical polishing. Use copper polishing agent to polish. After washing the brass, just put the brass object directly into the copper polishing agent. When you get there, you're done.
So if you don't want to spend a lot of money on gold, and you want to wear shiny jewelry, brass is also a good choice.

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