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What Are The Methods of Brass Welding?


Brass Compression Fitting

Brass refers to an alloy composed of copper and zinc. Brass is widely used in the manufacture of valves, water pipes, connecting pipes for internal and external air conditioners and radiators.

Brass contains zinc. In welding, zinc has a low boiling point (907℃) and easily evaporates during welding. This is the biggest difficulty of brass welding.

What are the main methods of brass welding? The brass welding method is the same as the copper welding. There are four methods, namely gas welding, carbon arc welding, manual arc welding and argon arc welding, but there are great differences in operation.
There are four main welding methods for brass
1. Gas welding
2. Manual arc welding
3. Manual argon arc welding
4. Carbon arc welding
Care should be taken when welding brass, and protective measures such as ventilation should be strengthened in the place where brass is welded.
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