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How To Maintain The Gloss of The Brass Surface


Brass Compression Fitting

Brass is widely used in industrial production and handicrafts. Many people know that brass has a certain corrosion resistance, but its specific properties are relatively poorly understood, so when doing surface treatment, it often encounters various oxidation corrosion problems, which leads to product quality There is no guarantee. So after the oxidation of brass, how to deal with to restore the original luster of brass parts?

Depending on the degree of oxidation of the brass product surface, there are some treatment methods as follows:

The brass surface is only slightly oxidized and discolored, and there is no serious black oxide or patina. In this case, only the brass parts need to be immersed in an acidic cleaning agent that professionally removes brass oxide to dissolve the oxide and does not affect Corrosion of the brass substrate is sufficient. However, many acidic cleaning agents will over corrode the brass matrix, so it is important to choose a cleaning agent.

The surface of the brass is heavily oxidized, with serious black oxide or patina; in this case, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect with a single cleaning agent, because the corrosion has seriously affected the interior of the brass substrate, After cleaning, there will still be a corrosion mark on the brass surface, resulting in an uneven overall effect. At this time, you can choose to perform polishing treatment: mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, mechanical polishing has vibration grinding, magnetic grinding, polishing and so on. For chemical polishing, you can choose a hydrogen peroxide system polishing process with high environmental performance. Restore the golden effect of the brass surface.

After the brass is oxidized, it can be treated as above to restore the original luster and brightness of the copper parts. The copper cleaning agent is an environmentally friendly cleaning agent. After the copper parts are cleaned and restored to the original brightness, passivation protection treatment is needed to prevent the copper parts from rusting, oxidizing and discoloring.
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