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What Is Brazing?


braze fitting

When the melting point of the flux is high, it is called brazing. There are three types of brazing, brazing is a good method of high-strength, non-leakage connection. The characteristics of brazing are: high joint strength, and can accept the highest temperature limit working conditions.
In the process of producing the chiller, all the connections must touch the brazing, so the black and white on the components of the industrial chiller and the black and white of the brazing are inevitable. When brazing, oxyacetylene brazing equipment is used, which can make the welded joint have the highest strength without leakage. Oxyacetylene infiltrates pure itch into acetylene, and this kind of inclusions can generate high temperature flames.
Welders must adjust the ratio of acetylene and oxygen from time to time to ensure the accurate use of oxyacetylene. In addition, there are pressure regulators and meters on the oxygen cylinder and acetylene tank. One meter indicates the pressure in the tank and the other indicates the pressure of the brazing gun.

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