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Features of Brass Threaded Fittings


Brass Threaded Fittings

Watertightness of brass threaded fittings: The connection material of the two materials can solve the problem of watertightness when using the raw material tape during installation. Before winding the raw material tape, clean each interface cleanly, and there must be no small sand particles Or other impurities are entangled in the raw material belt, as long as the construction is proper, there will be no water leakage.

Durability of brass threaded fittings: As long as the authentic brass products are not rigidly damaged, it is no problem to use house demolition in normal use. Choose 304 or 316 stainless steel products will not rust, and the service life is completely no problem. .
The safety of brass threaded fittings: Inferior brass threaded fittings may exceed the heavy metal standard, but genuine brass will not have such problems. On the contrary, it will have a sterilizing effect on water quality.
In other words, as long as it is a genuine brass threaded fitting, whether it is made of copper or stainless steel, there will be no problems, and there is no need to entangle such problems.
Brass threaded fittings or stainless steel products will be mixed with some other materials. The essence is alloy products. When you buy a brand product, you still have to believe in the power of the brand.

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